Nov. 9, 2021

Making Content Creation for Gaming More Accessible with Nick Cuomo, CEO and Founder of Allstar

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Most mainstream gamers just don’t have access to the resources, costly hardware, or extensive knowledge to regularly create good content. Allstar solved this with cloud technology that makes short, high-quality gaming content easy to create, simple to share, and fun to watch.

In this episode of Small Business Storytellers, Seth and Nick talk about his start with gaming and how this led him to create a product to solve the problems of modern gaming streamers, as well as what Nick sees as the future of gaming.

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Twitter - @nickcuomo

Social Media - @playsharestar

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Nick CuomoProfile Photo

Nick Cuomo

Founder & CEO

Nick is a former pro-gamer and viral gaming video maker turned CEO with 15+ years of experience in technology, marketing, software, sales and digital media. He's a lifelong entrepreneur, gamer, and creative that's passionate about enabling others to share amazing gaming moments as high-quality short form content.