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Specific applicable tools in excellent conversation!

I love how Seth hosts the episodes just like a conversation but pulls out such valuable insights for business owners. Highly recommend for entrepreneurs.

This is the podcast you’re looking for!

Seth brings together an amazing group on entrepreneurs that helps you feel less like you’re alone in your struggle. If you’re a business owner, contractor, or want to learn what to do (and NOT to do) this is it. Each episode is informative, inspiring, and has real world practical advice. Check it out.

Learning Success from these Stories!

Seth creates valuable conversations that share insight into the business world by sharing real life success (and sometimes failure) stories from real business owners. Can’t wait to binge listen to see what more I can learn from him and his guests!

Powerful collection of business stories

Seth is a masterful host and brings his interviews to life with interesting guests and insightful questions. Defintely recommended!

You will love this podcast

I am so glad I came across this podcast. As a real estate agent this has helped me share my business stories in my area and grow my business with the informatino that I have learned right here by listening. Thank you so much for your content.

A move against the industry

Seth’s podcast is wonderful! He makes a move against the industry by highlighting the small business owners. This is profound though, as these owners are the ones we will root for to succeed since they care about their “why” of their existence more than a quick profit.

Brilliant marketer

Seth has a brilliant approach to marketing & branding in a modern world. His concept of “selling with stores” is simple, powerful, and exactly what businesses should be paying attention to.

Great Work

Absolutely love tuning in every week and hearing from a diverse sample of small business professionals!

Great Info. Great person.

Seth is incredibly talented and incredibly smart. Don’t think this podcast just came out of nowhere, Seth has faced numerous challenges as a small business owner and I think we all have as much to learn from him as we have to learn from any of the other folks he interviews on this podcast.

Loved it. Super helpful.

Good flow, great narrative, helpful tips and tricks to tack the world of business & entrepreneurship.

Tangible ways to grow your business.

The first podcast I listened to got me so fired up because it was an organization that could provide me with a peer advisory group. Each podcast has provided me tangible ways to improve my business. I love the targeted local aspect of his stories as well.

Encouraging Stories

I love listening to this podcast because it focuses on the small to mid-size businesses. A lot media focuses on the big corporations, and these interviews offer practical advice and insight from people working to grow in doing what they love as their business. As a small business owner and current solopreneur, I’m adding this to my list weekly podcasts. Great stuff!

One of my favorite new podcasts

This is one of my favorite new podcasts. So many shows have large companies that are hard to relate with, so it’s great to have show that interviews other small business owners giving tips and ideas that I can actually use.

SBS - is awesome!!

Seth does a great job bringing showing and relating the value of using stories to grow your business in this modern social media age.

Great shows

Very informative and insightful. Great to hear that slow and steady does still win the race!


Great podcast! I love Seth’s vision and heart for this podcast. Story is the language of the heart and I have already been impacted and inspired by the stories of other small business owners, and I know that others will be too. Keep up the good work, I look forward to more episodes!

Valuable Content

I learn something valuable about running a small business every time I tune in! You can tell these business men and women are invested in their community and care about the impact they’re making. Highly recommend!!

A must for small businesses

This podcast is both practical and inspiring to anyone in a small business. I highly recommend it! There’s so much power in hearing and telling our stories.

Great stories and great application

These episodes provide valuable stories along with how they apply to our lives and businesses!