Oct. 6, 2021

Using Data to Revolutionize Preventative Medicine with Eon Co-CEO’s

Is it possible to eradicate cancer with data? Join Co-CEO’s Dr. Aki Alzubaidi and Christine Spraker for a live Q&A talking about how they are revolutionizing healthcare and saving lives with how their company processes data. This is your chance to ask your questions live to the Co-CEO’s of Eon, one of the fastest growing companies in America.

To RSVP for the live Q&A on Oct, 12th at 2 MT, go to www.storytellers.chat/eonLIVE

To join us live, download Fireside (https://apple.co/3BjMwFS) and click here (https://bit.ly/2WUAbJb) to RSVP.

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Eon is a company striving to solve America’s complicated healthcare problems, most of which is the antiquated tech used by healthcare professionals. Eon’s mission is to use advanced data technology to improve complex patient management, identifying, tracking, and improving outcomes for patients at risk for future disease.

In this episode of Small Business Storytellers, Seth talks with Co-CEOs Dr. Aki Alzubaidi and Christine Spraker about Eon and how their company is transforming preventative medicine so fewer patients fall through the cracks.

To learn more about Eon, check out https://eonhealth.com/

This episode was produced by Story On Media & Marketing: https://www.successwithstories.com.


Christine SprakerProfile Photo

Christine Spraker


Christine tenaciously seeks improved outcomes for nodule and lung cancer patients. A domain expert, and personally touched by lung cancer loss, Christine strives to impact patient lives and the providers who serve them, with improved technology and tools. For Christine, sea change means survivorship and improved workflows for already stretched providers.

Aki AlzubaidiProfile Photo

Aki Alzubaidi

Founder and Co-CEO

Aki has dedicated his career to pulmonary nodule management. With a background in human genetics and oncology research, Aki realized the path to disruptive change happens with innovation + action. Aki is on a mission to close the gap between technological ability and healthcare implementation.